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Brigada Eskwela

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RVMES Holds Brigada Eskwela 2012

"Madya Pag-iriba, Pakarayun Eskwelahan Ta", this is the shout out of RVMES this Brigada Eskwela 2012. In preparation for the up- coming School Year 2012- 2013, RVMES holds Brigada Eskwela 2012 with a lot of new innovations. First, is the Brigada Slip. This slip contains the stakeholder's beginning and end time of labor. With this, work must be done for 3 hours and the teachers were obliged to do a strict supervision among the parents. Second, is the Division of Labor. May 21 is the cleaning of school ground, May 22 is the time for cleaning the classrooms, and May 23- 25 for the repair. As observed, the division of labor seems flexible.
Third , is the strict implementation of No Cash Collection Policy. This is based on DepEd Memo No. 56 series of 2012. Brigada Eskwela enjoins participants to donate construction and cleaning materials or serve as volunteers in which they only need to share their time and give their full effort. RVMES call this first week of Brigada Eskwela as FUCOS (Full Cleaning of Stakeholders).

A heartfelt thanks, and congratulations to all the participants and stakeholders of the Brigada Eskwela for the whole-hearted support and cooperation in making this School Maintenance Week a success. Hope that by next year, there will be more and more joining the cause of Education.

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